Sunken Garden: Proposed design 'View 1' - towards Parkside Crescent
Top picture shows the proposed design view looking towards Parkside Crescent. You can see the lowered fences on the left and right, a tree, and an informal path through the centre of the grassed square. Some people are shown walking around the garden, and it demonstrates clear sight lines compared to the existing design which is shown below right, with the existing walls. Key: 1. Brickwork walls reduced in height. 2. Steps retained as existing. 3. New footpaths using existing recycled block paving. 4. Stone boulder informal footpath. 5. Metal estate fencing. 6. Knee rail to protect planting. 7. Damp garden. 8. Grass slope with bulb planting. 9. New tree planting. 10. Existing seating refurbished and relocated The bottom two aerial view plans show the existing layout on the left and the proposed layout on the right.