26 February → 26 April 2024

Islington Greener Together open for applications

Application will be accepted for Round 2 of the Islington Greener Together programme

26 April → 31 May 2024

Application assessment period

Applications will be assessed and shortlisted for feasibility

31 May → 04 July 2024

Pre-Election Period

The UK General Election 2024 will take place on Thursday 4 July 2024. Pre-election period restrictions apply to all local authorities.

Plans to let applicants know whether their ideas will be taken forward has been delayed due to this.

December 2024 → March 2026

Project design and delivery

If the project is identified as feasible for delivery, successful applicants will be contacted and a potential design proposed by the design team. The finalised design will be delivered in phases between now and 2026 to maximise delivery team capacity. Delivery dates are not connected to application submission date and there may be months between finding out if your application has been successful and actual delivery. The council will keep you informed.