Has a decision already been made to amalgamate the two schools?

    No. We are consulting on our proposal to amalgamate Duncombe and Montem Primary Schools.

    After the consultation has ended, the council’s Executive will decide if they wish to issue a statutory notice to amalgamate the two schools.

    The Executive will decide based on the feedback from the consultation.

    Will any changes happen this school year?

    No. We are proposing to amalgamate the two schools on 31 August 2024.

    How can I have my say?

    Any person may object or make comments on the proposal by:

    Email: schoolconsult@islington.gov.uk

    Post: Duncombe and Montem Proposal, Compton Room, Laycock Centre, Laycock Street, London N1 1TH

    The closing date for responses is 9am on Tuesday, 26 March 2024.

    What impact will the proposal have on the Edventure Collaborative Federation?

    Montem Primary School is part of the Edventure Collaborative Federation. Drayton Park Primary School is the other school in this federation. Should this proposal proceed, the Edventure Collaborative Federation would only have one school left within it and would need to be dissolved. This would mean Drayton Park would no longer be part of this federation and new governance arrangements would need to be established. Any change to the Federation would happen after the final decision has been made and before the new school year in September 2024.

    What will happen to the Additionally Resourced Provision (ARP) at Montem?

    We intend to re-locate the ARP to Duncombe Primary School alongside the rest of the mainstream children. However, we will consult with all affected parties before making a final decision about the future location of the ARP.

    Where do the current pupils live?

    70% of all existing pupils at Duncombe and Montem live within 1km of the Duncombe school site, and 61% live within 1km of the Montem site. There are more schools nearby to Montem than Duncombe.